Premium Blend Grass Seed:

  • Our #1 seller for newly seeded lawns.
  • Kentucky Bluegrass, creeping Red Fescue, perennial Ryegrass blend
  • It comes in 10 kg and 25kg bags.
  • Contains 45% Kentucky Bluegrass.
  • Will provide a reasonably good quality home lawn under medium maintenance conditions.
  • Recommended rate is 2.4kg - 4kg/100m2 (5-8lb/1000ft2).

All Purpose Blend Grass Seed:

  • Ideal for quick-cover.
  • Kentucky Bluegrass, Creeping red Fescue, Annual and Perennial Ryegrass blend
  • Contains 10% Kentucky Bluegrass
  • It comes is 10kg and 25kg bags.
  • Germinates quickly.
  • Ideal for rough areas such as barn yards or road sides.
  • Recommended rate is 2.4kg – 4kg/100m2 (5-8lb/1000ft2).

Shade Blend:

  • Grows well in shaded areas.
  • Creeping Red Fescue, Annual and Perennial Ryegrass with some Kentucky Bluegrass blend
  • It comes in 10kg bags.

Fescue Mix (Eco-Lawn):

  • Will provide a low to medium quality turf on cemeteries, home lawns, parks and roadsides.
  • Very tolerant to dry shade conditions under well drained conditions but will grow well in full sun under low management.
  • One of the most low energy grass ground covers available.
  • It comes in 10kg