Cutting Your Lawn

Cutting is one of the most important operations in the maintenance of a fine lawn. Proper cutting will make a good lawn look better, improper cutting can ruin a good lawn in just a few weeks. The most important point to remember is to keep the lawnmower blades sharp. Nothing defaces grass more quickly than a dull blade. Remove all objects from the lawn before you mow, to prevent injury to others, and to prevent damage to the mower.

Don't let your lawn grow so tall that it falls over, for it will be difficult to cut and it will smother out.

Never remove more than 3 cm. of the leaf height at any one time. We recommend cutting of Bluegrasses and Fescues at a height of 4 cm. You can determine the height of your mower blade by placing it on a driveway or sidewalk, and measuring the distance between the blade and the sidewalk.

You should remove clippings that clump so that they don't smother the grass.