Q. How do I know how much sod to buy?

A. Almost all sod in Ontario is sold by the square foot. To determine how much sod you will need, measure the area by feet in length and width, multiply the two numbers together and divid by ten. That will give you the total number of roll to order

Q. Don't you lose all the dirt on your farm by sending it with the sod?

A. Not Really, most of the dirt on the sod is actually root mass. The fact that our sod covers our fields nearly year round protects our fields from wind and rain erosion or spring melting. We actually lose less topsoil than a typical row crop farm.

Q. Will this sod match the sod I already have?

A. Most sod produced in Ontario is a blend of Kentucky Bluegrass. If you are trying to match an older lawn chances are the new sod will be denser, softer and greener than the lawn you have. Once your lawn is established and you are maintaining the two areas the same way some of those differences may be less noticeable.

Q. I have left gaps between the sod will it grow in?

A. Gaps are bad. If the gaps are wide enough weeds will creep in before the sod will close the gap. Make sure to butt, not stretch the sod close together during installation.

Q. How long can sod sit on the pallet?

A. Sod is normally delivered on wooden skids or in piles. It should be unrolled as sod as possible. A fair rule of thumb would be to think about how long a gallon of milk would survive before souring. Chances are the sod will show damage in the same length of time.

Q. How early and how late in the season may you lay sod?

A. Sod may be layed at anytime between mid-April until mid-December, weather permitting. If it can be cut, It can be layed.

Q. Do I have to put topsoil down under the soil or can it be laid on fill?

A. You will have a better lawn if you could add a minimum of 4 inches of topsoil.

Q. How far in advance do I need to place my order?

A. We would like 48 hours notice, however we try to accommodate our customers and their schedules.

Q. How do I get my sod order and do your trucks have forklifts?

A. We can deliver to your home or jobsite with our truck mounted forklifts or unloaded by hand for smaller orders or you can pick up sod at our farm. Please call for availability and harvesting location.